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About Us

“LCS has been a family-owned and operated custom fabrication and welding job shop facility since 2006. We operate as a family and take great pride in our work. We extremely value our employees, realizing that without their experience and commitment we wouldn’t be where we are today.”

Justin Ayers

Lakeshore Cutting Solutions, Inc. can do it all. We serve virtually every market, with a vast record of metal fabrication projects with varying complexities to prove our leadership in the fabrication industry. In fact, explains Justin Ayers, President, “We are known in the industry as the ‘Go-to’ guys, a reputation earned by tackling quick lead times and jobs that others may have turned away. We consistently put out high-quality products, on time, and at a fair price. I credit our capacity, our extensive industry knowledge, and our talented people for the innovation at LCS. We can just about do it all!”

This positive attitude of challenging ourselves to provide the best quality each and every day permeates the entire company, and is the reason that we enjoy long-term relationships with our customers.

LCS is highly dedicated to improving our equipment and facility to growing our team and increasing the services that we can offer to our valued customers. We are a customer-focused organization, priding ourselves on meeting our customer’s quality and delivery requirements. Our commitment to our customers and our employees is the foundation of everything we do, and has allowed us to continue to be an industry leader in fabrication.

Partner with LCS today for a full, one-stop solution

LCS is a family-owned and operated fabrication, cutting, and welding shop, serving virtually every market with custom projects and quality service. We have extensive industry knowledge and fabrication expertise to offer our partners. To partner with us, you can request a free quote or you can contact us for more information.