Waterjet Capabilities

Using LCS waterjet cutting services, custom shapes and parts can be cut with a whole new level of accuracy and reliability.

Tolerances tighter than +/- .005” are achievable, especially in thinner materials from .005” thick to 1.00” thick. To reduce your cost as much as possible, be flexible with tolerances. Prices will be reduced as cutting speeds increase. Waterjet cutting has the ability to vary tolerances in different locations of a part, ensuring the best pricing.

Large Capacity, 8’ x 13’ tables
By utilizing our 2 -8’ x 13’ tables we are able to load up to (3) 4’ x 8’ sheets at a time on each machine, eliminating any down time between cuts, this is ideal for high production cutting. We can cut parts as small as a penny or by indexing material, we can cut parts that are even larger than our 8’ x 13’ tables.

Near-Net Shape Cutting
Abrasive waterjets can cut over 12” thick, though the applications at these thicknesses are limited and cut tolerances increase. When accuracy of a part are tighter than the tolerances we offer, near-net shape cutting is a great alternative. This form of cutting leaves a small amount of material on the part so a secondary milling or grinding operation can be performed. The small amount of material can be quickly and easily machined off since there is no hardened material that other means of cutting (laser, plasma, oxy-fuel) would have.

Suited To a Wide Range of Materials
Acrylic - Alloys - Aluminum - Armor Plate - Bronze - Brass - Bullet-Proof Glass - Carbon Fiber - Carpet - Cast Iron - Ceramic - Cobalt - Composites - Copper - Corian Expanded Metal - Felt - Fiberglass - Foam - Formica- Gaskets - Glass - Granite - Graphite - Hardened Steel - Hastelloy - Hot Rolled Steel - Inconel - Insulation - Kevlar - Laminates - Leather - Limestine - Linoleum - Magnesium - Marble - Mild Steel - Neoprene - Nickel Alloys - Nylon - Phenolics - Plastics - Plexiglas - Polycarbonate - Polyethylene - Porcelain - PVC - Quartz - Rubber - Silicone - Stainless Steel - Steel - Stone - Teflon - Thermoplastics - Tin - Titanium - Tool Steel - Tungsten - Urethane - Vinyl - Wood - Wrought Iron - Zinc - Other Metals

*Sorry, while our process is able to, we will not cut hazardous materials such as lead, beryllium copper, ect. These materials hamper our abilities to recycle garnet and dispose of water from the process. If you have any questions please, contact us.