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Industries Served

Lakeshore Cutting Solutions can serve virtually any market with our cutting capabilities and experience. The vast amount of projects that we’ve successfully completed, and the wide ranging complexity of them has proven us to be an industry leader across those industry lines. We are known to be the ‘go-to’ shop when a project has been said to be too difficult or challenging, and we produce quality results with fast lead times and at competitive prices. From one part to several thousand, we can accommodate production volumes of all sizes, complexities, and applications.

Check out the many different industries that we can serve by clicking through the links below.


We support equipment manufacturers across industry lines–automotive, agricultural, aerospace, marine, food processing, transportation, and many more industries benefit significantly from our fabrication expertise.


Lakeshore serves many OEMs, providing them with metal fabrication services for automation, control boxes, gears, medical devices, packaging equipment, and much more. We are a trusted source of fabrication and cutting services for many different projects.


With our waterjet cutting capabilities, supported by our fully-equipped machine shop, LCS can create a variety of products not previously considered possible for architectural and design applications, consumer goods, retail displays, and much more. We also serve the functional side of the Commercial markets, offering our services for telecommunications equipment and construction applications.


LCS serves many different applications in the energy production market, utilizing our fabrication capabilities to supply components to equipment manufacturers in the Mining, Oil & Gas, and Renewable Energy sectors.

Ready to get started?

Lakeshore Cutting Solutions employs a skilled group of programmers and engineers to manage each project that comes through our shop, as well as a talented production team to transform raw material into high-precision components. We have a range of industry experience, and can accommodate projects from small to medium production volumes–from a single component all the way up to several thousand parts. For more information about how we can help you, or if you’re ready to get started with us, don’t hesitate to contact LCS today with your requests.