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Our cutting capabilities allow us to transform raw materials into high-precision components for many different industrial sectors. LCS can accommodate a wide range of metals and exotic metals needed for the strict requirements of the aerospace, defense, and marine industries, as well as the high precision necessary for material handling and industrial parts manufacturing. We work with stainless steel as well, producing clean, quality components for the Food Processing and Pharmaceutical equipment.


Our technology is vital for aerospace manufacturing, where precision is especially critical for parts like aircraft skins, engine components, and structural elements.


We fabricate rugged, durable components that are excellent for agriculture equipment and applications, from farm equipment and machinery components to material handling equipment.


From functional to aesthetic, we fabricate a wide range of automotive parts for our customers with high quality and durability. We have cut components such as chassis parts, body panels, and interior components, to name a few.

Defense & Military

Lakeshore is proud to support our country’s military through precise cutting solutions, creating armor, vehicle parts, and weapons components.


We have plenty of experience cutting stainless steel into quality components for food processing and handling equipment.


Our capabilities are excellent for residential and commercial furniture. Accommodating everything from wood and carpet to glass and granite, and much more. We can serve the wide-ranging needs of the furniture sector, crafting products, such as metal frames, brackets, braces, bases, table mounts, and workstations.

Industrial Machinery

Large industrial equipment needs large parts to make it up, and our two large capacity tables are excellent for accommodating high production cutting and large-scale components, such as heavy machinery, conveyor parts, and other equipment.

Light Truck

We fabricate quality components for light truck applications, working with a variety of materials to create accurate, durable parts for RVs, semi-tractors, and lift gates.


Like our automotive capabilities, LCS can manufacture both functional and aesthetic components for marine applications, such as boat names/port of calls, and plastic and polished metal components.

Material Handling

We can fabricate a wide range of products and parts for material handling applications of all types, producing equipment for the conveyance of products such as hoppers, chutes, palletizers, bulk material handling equipment, and conveyors.


The pharmaceutical industry is one that often has a direct or indirect effect on people’s wellbeing–and we’re here to help ensure that your products are top notch with parts for clean rooms, lines, and carts.


We can serve nearly every sector of transportation with our wide-ranging cutting capabilities and the variety of materials that we work with.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Lakeshore Cutting Solutions is your source of project management, laser and waterjet cutting, assembly, welding, and a wide range of fabrication solutions for industrial parts manufacturing. We can supply virtually any industry with fabrication and cutting services, so even if you don’t see what you need here, don’t hesitate to contact us with your next project!