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One of our specializations at LCS is in waterjet and laser cutting and fabricating precision components for OEMs. We partner with a variety of OEMs to manufacture components for their products, from automation and control boxes to parts for packaging equipment, and much more. LCS has several quality services to offer OEMs, from experienced laser and waterjet cutting, to precision machining and metal forming, to welding and assembly. We also have an in-house project management department that can work with yours to determine ways to improve manufacturability of components and reduce fabrication costs.


Using the latest technology and many years of combined experience, we fabricate a variety of parts, components, and weldments used in automation equipment.

Control Boxes

Our ability to craft enclosures and brackets for electronic equipment and electrical enclosures with our cutting-edge technology is invaluable.


At LCS, we can accommodate a wide variety of materials into gear shapes for many different applications. Whether they need to be small and precise, or large and durable, we’ve got you covered on gears.

Medical Products

LCS can manufacture highly precise components with a clean surface finish for a variety of medical manufacturing applications.

Metal Fabrication

Industries that require metal fabrication, including structural steel and custom metal parts on both small- and large-scale projects benefit greatly from our expertise.

Packaging / Racking / Conveyors

We have worked with many OEMs to fabricate components for packaging equipment, die cutting applications, automation equipment, and other applications, such as conveyance, storage, racking, and other material handling equipment.

Safe / Safe Rooms / Bunkers

Lakeshore helps fortify your safes, locks, and safe rooms with quality metal components.

Tanks / Vessels

LCS fabricates components that need to endure in harsh conditions for Defense OEMs, such as parts for tanks or vessels.

Wastewater Treatment

We have experience fabricating components for a wide variety of different applications, including corrosive-resistant parts for wastewater treatment equipment.

Don’t see what you’re looking for?

Lakeshore Cutting Solutions can and has served virtually every industry with our fabrication and cutting capabilities. Even if you don’t see what you’re looking for here, don’t hesitate to contact us with your next project and learn more about how we can bring your designs to life.