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At LCS, we can serve a wide variety of markets and industries, fabricating components for many different applications, including the power production and renewable energy sectors. We have much to offer our customers in this industry, including a one-stop shop for all your fabrication needs that can transform many different raw materials into high-quality components. 

Equipment in the energy production sector tends to undergo challenging conditions, whether it’s exposure to corrosive chemicals and materials, or  harsh weather, temperatures, and environments. Often, this equipment, and the components that make it up, have to be durable and long-lasting regardless of these conditions. Lakeshore Cutting Solutions can fabricate parts large and small for energy applications, accommodating a wide range of metals and plastics. We offer everything from project management services to a range of cutting and forming capabilities that can bring your designs to life.

Mining & Infrastructure

Lakeshore uses our experience and technology to fabricate a wide variety of components for mining equipment. From conveyor parts to components for gearboxes, and much more, we can manufacture durable and reliable components for mining equipment manufacturers. Thanks to our cutting equipment, we fabricate rugged parts that can withstand the challenging conditions of this industry, from high temperatures to abrasive materials to dirty environments.

Oil & Gas Drilling Equipment and Pipelines

Parts for oil and gas mining, processing, and holding equipment often have to withstand high pressures and resist corrosive conditions. Lakeshore Cutting Solutions can manufacture durable components for these applications according to customer specifications, making long-lasting components for high-pressure equipment and related applications.

Renewable Energy

At LCS, we have fabrication and cutting capabilities that are excellent for supporting every sector of the energy production market–including the growing renewable energy sector. We manufacture a wide range of components for wind turbines, solar panels, and hydropower equipment, bringing our customers’ designs to life.

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Lakeshore Cutting Solutions has partnered with customers across many different industries. Even if you don’t see your application here, don’t hesitate to contact us with your next project and see how we can serve you.