Laser Cutting

Using LCS’ laser cutting services, custom shapes and parts can be cut with a whole new level of accuracy and reliability.

We can provide you a partner for all your cutting needs. LCS operates 2 lasers, a 2600 watt and a 5000 watt Trumpf laser, Trumpf being the industries superior laser equipment manufacture.

Our process starts with the use of P.E.P. Sheet Metal Solutions Software. This state of the art programming software is used to increase material yield. It tightly nests parts into a sheet and allows for multiple jobs to be nested together. Next, our 5’ x 10’ dual shuttle tables with loaders and un-loaders create shorter setup and handling times.

Our capabilities include various materials; Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Tool Steel and Shim Stock. No job is too large or too small; we can process short runs or production runs. Our lasers are fine tuned to accommodate all cut conditions for the materials we place under the beam, by exercising appropriate cut speeds, monitoring gas flow and using suitable nozzle sizes all to gain the precise end product for our customer.