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Project Management

We can manage your projects from conception to final build

Lakeshore Cutting Solutions offers a competitive edge through our expert project management. Our technical staff focuses on engineering, detailing, drafting, and CNC programming to ensure that your projects will meet your requirements even before fabrication begins. Once the project management phase is complete, our staff continues to follow your projects through the process until completion to make sure that everything proceeds smoothly. 

Just like you, our engineers and technical staff pride themselves on quality, attention to detail, and dependability. They will plan, execute, monitor and complete each project to your requirements, freeing you to focus on other tasks at hand. 

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In-house Project Management & Engineering experts

We ensure that each of our customers has a single point of contact for their project management to improve communication and process efficiency. Our team is made up of a highly skilled team with diverse backgrounds for excellent insight into each project we take on.

LCS’s project management team is located in-house, saving you the time that outsourcing would take. They are equipped with state-of-the-art design software, including the latest versions of SolidWorks for increased accuracy and efficiency. The SolidWorks software integrates a broad range of mechanical CAD, product management, design communication and product documentation.

Some other advantages of our project management team include:

  • Job site visits and customer collaboration to understand customer needs.
  • Field measurements to develop a product
  • General arrangement, layout and detail drawing expertise
  • 2D and 3D CAD capabilities
  • Preparation of customer drawings for fabrication and/or installation
  • Cater to design, manage and build projects and retro-fits

Our skilled team of programmers and project managers collaboratively manage your projects, transforming raw materials into high-precision parts and components.

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Partner with us today

Since our inception, Lakeshore Cutting Solutions has provided quality fabrication services to virtually every industry. We are your source for everything from concept to fabrication and assembly, including a variety of value-added services. If you’re ready to get started with us, don’t hesitate to request a quote or contact us today for more information about what we can do for you.